Dec 21, 2011

Kibitsu Shrine - Okayama, Okayama Prefecture

About 10 minutes walk from Kibitsu Station JR.

Bizen Ichinomiya Station is located next to Kibitsu Station, and a Bicycle rentals, and bike trails to Soja Station. Along this course, "Kibitsuhiko Shrine", "Tsukuriyama Tumulus", "Bitchu Kokubunji Temple" and more, to the north is "Demon Castle (Ki Castle - Wikipedia)" there. This whole region is Momotaro Legend (Momotaro - Wikipedia) has been the birthplace of the said.

Pine tree-lined streets leading to Kibitsu Shrine from Kibitsu Station

Kitazuishin Gate
Exit the pine trees, and going up the stairs from the parking lot before the shrine, see the gate.

Main shrine
Has been designated Japanese National Treasure.
Old days "Kibitsuhiko Shrine" was termed, at the present "Kibitsu Shrine" the official name.
Incidentally, shrines are dedicated to "Prince Kibitsuhiko", in Bizen Ichinomiya "Kibitsuhiko Shrine" and, in Fukuyama, Hiroshima Prefecture "Kibitsu Shrine".

Large Ginkgo tree
600 years old

Corridor spans approximately 400m.

Google Map Kibitsu Jinja

Japanese site is here.

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