Dec 25, 2011

How to worship - Manners in Jinja

Tips for general manners of worship to the shrine.

1. When you pass through the torii
2. Manners in Chozuya (Chozuya - Wikipedia)
3. How to worship

Until now, when I went to the shrine, and worship it was just following someone's example, I examine the proper manner.

1. Pass through the torii
When you pass under the torii is not in the middle, passing from the edge of the pillar.
Since the middle through which God, that means to avoid it. Further right, then bowed in front through the torii.
Approach as well, it is better to walk the edge.

2. Manners in Chozuya
The shrine is always, if there is water that is put ladle. Purify themselves from going to worship here.
Chozuya is said to be a simplified purification ceremony.

①. Take a ladle at the right hand, left hand fetch water wash.
②. To have left the ladle change and wash your right hand.
③. Have a ladle instead of the right and the left palm under water, rinse your mouth with water.
④. Wash your left hand.
⑤. Upright ladle, wash with water remaining in the ladle handle.
Your hands scoop water, the ladle is in the taste, bad manners.

3. How to worship
In modern times, a general manner is "Twice bowing, twice clapping and one-time bowing". There are exceptions, such as Izumo Oyashiro.
Referred to the general procedure of worship.

①. Investment of your donation, ring the bell.
②. Twice, and bow deeply.
③. Applause hit twice.
④. Again, once, to a deep bow.

Now when I go to the shrine, I would like to smart.

Shinto shrine - Wikipedia

Japanese site is here.

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