Mar 8, 2012

Sofukuji Temple - Nagasaki, Nagasaki Prefecture

About 5 minutes walk from Shokakuji-shita Station Nagasaki Electric Railway.

Sofukuji Temple is one of the three major Fuku Temple in Nagasaki, together Kofukuji Temple and Fukusaiji Temple. It was built in 1629. Inner Gate and Buddha Hall are National Treasure.

The people from Fuzhou, Fujian who had been residing in Nagasaki built this temple. So had called as "Fuzhou Temple".

Front Gate
Commonly it called as "Dragon Palace Gate". It was built in 1849. The day when I visited, was Festival of Emperor Guan.

Inner Gate
Pay the admission fee and go up the stairs. Come to this gate.
This gate was designed and cut in Ningbo, China. Later it was imported by ships. It was built around 1696.

Buddha Hall
Main hall of Sofukuji Temple. It was built in 1646. The oldest building in Nagasaki.

This temple is sacred to Shakyamuni.

Gate of Mazu Hall
It was rebuilt in 1827.

Can see Mazu Temple in the back.
Mazu is the goddess for the safety of the sailing.

Google Map Sofukuji Temple

Japanese site is here.

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