Feb 17, 2012

Glover Garden - Nagasaki, Nagasaki Prefecture

About 5 minutes walk from Oura Tenshudo shita Station Nagasaki Electric Railway.

Glover Garden was opened in the hills of Minamiyamate where was a foreign settlement. Oura Catholic Church is right next to.

Glover Garden entrance
This entrance is next to the Oura Catholic Church. Lead to the first gate.

The moving sidewalk
Glover Garden is located on the slopes of the hill, it is possible to climb up on the hill with this sidewalk.

The Former Glover House
Japan's oldest existing wooden Western-style architecture was built in 1863. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries was owned at one time.
Glover was active person from the end of Edo period to Meiji period, he was a close friendship with Ito Hirobumi, Yataro Iwasaki and more.
At this house, the goods in relation to him are on display.

Japan's first asphalt road
This asphalt road is said to be the oldest in Japan. Was built by Glover's son, Tomisaburo Kuraba​​.

Former Steele Memorial Academy
This building was built at Higashiyamate in 1887. The building was relocated to its present location and restored in 1973.
"Glover Atlas (Japanese Site)" that was compiled by Tomisaburo Kuraba are on display.

The Former Alt House
At this building, William John Alt lived for three years from 1865. Is said to have been constructed by Japanese Hidenosin Koyama, who built Oura Catholic Church and the former Glover house.

Natural storage
Storage was made by hollowed out of the rock in the back of the house. Have always maintained a temperature of about 20 ℃.

The Former Ringer House
Frederick Ringer family lived in this western-style stone house for about 80 years from 1883.
At visited in February 2012, had a special exhibition of "Teiko Kiwa" who was prima donna before World War II.

Japanese umbrella
One of the relics of prima donna Teiko Kiwa. She went to Milan alone at the age of 17, and was the world by storm in prima donna of "Madame Butterfly" two years later.
Teiko was with this umbrella in many of bromide photos. She left her disciples to this, and said "My most precious belonging. It is my soul."
Stage costumes are on display also.

Water supply from Common Tap in 1891

Former Residence of the President of the Nagasaki District Court
Western-style building was built at Uwamachi where was outside the foreign settlement in 1883. Was relocated to its present location and restored in 1979.
And now retro photo studio is open.

The Former Walker House
This house was located next to the Oura Catholic Church, was built in the middle of the Meiji era. Was moved to its present location in 1974.

The former Mitsubishi second dock house
Between the ship was in the shipyard for repair, crew stayed in this dock house.
At the highest point of the park.

The view from the second floor of the dock house.

Nagasaki Museum of Traditional Performing Arts
At the exit of Glover Garden. Such as White dragon, Blue dragon and Kasaboko that dedicate to "Nagasaki Kunchi Festival" are on display.

Glover Sky Road
About 5 minute walk from Ishibashi Station Nagasaki Electric Railway.
This is elevator so long. Use this, can go up to the second gate beside the dock house.

Google Map Glover Garden

Japanese site is here.

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