Mar 19, 2012

Kameyama Shachu Memorial Hall and Wakamiya Inari Shrine - Nagasaki, Nagasaki Prefecture

About 20 minutes walk from Kokaido-mae Station Nagasaki Electric Railway.

It is said that Kameyama Shachu was the first Japanese trading company, which was organized in 1865. "Shachu" means an association or a company.
Wakamiya Inari Shrine is located near the remains of Kameyama Shachu. Ryoma Sakamoto and others visited this shrine.

There is Kameyama Shachu Memorial Hall about 200m ahead from here. The hall is at the top of the hill, so must climb long stairs.

Kameyama Shachu Memorial Hall
Kameyama Shachu based in this area. This building was used in those days.

Ten-mat room inside the building.
There are also eight-mat room, three-mat room, a dirt floor and mezzanine floor of hidden room.

A replica of Ryoma's pistol, his letters and diary of Kaientai are exhibited also.

Torii of square-legged
Square-legged torii is a rare. This torii was dedicated to Inari shrine in Nagasaki Magistrate's office, later was moved to Wakamiya Inari Shrine.

Wakamiya Inari Shrine
About 5 minute walk from Kameyama Shachu Memorial Hall.
This shrine was established in 1673. Was also called "Kinno Inari" around the Meiji Restoration. "Takengei" event that is dedicated to the festival in the fall is famous.

The small shrine and the fox on Chozuya.

Main Shrine

Miyajidake Hachiman Shrine
Is located near the approach to Wakamiya Inari Shrine.

Porcelain Torii
Was made ​​in Arita in 1888. Porcelain torii is unique.

Google Map Remains of Kameyama Shachu

Japanese site is here.

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