Jan 13, 2012

Facilities available when you want to travel.

Tips so limited by train or bus travel, for your convenience.

Most of the stations and the airport tourist information office is always there.
Visiting the region and around the station can be heard here.

Tourist Information Center
Information can be obtained accommodation and shops around, and sometimes may get a discount coupon.
In the office, so often getting in around a simple map, a map is also useful to have got.
"I stayed two hours, where I try to tourism ..." and so on tourism plans counseling, so you can listen to store information not listed in guide books, you want to use.

Even without office in the station or airport, look for signs that the stance is so close.
Near the station there are often police station. One way to ask a place in the police station.

Coin locker
There are coin lockers at the station always great extent. If downtown, most have also installed large commercial facilities.
If you travel with a large luggage, come take a long time more tired than ever. You want to use as possible.
Prices seem to be around 400 yen more.

Time available for the facility are limited.
Tourist Information after 17:00 or 18:00, coin lockers after 23:00, so be careful not often available.
If the destination is at night with bad luck, I recommend the phone book to find a pay phone. If the phone book, at least, accommodation, bus and taxi phone numbers can be known.

Unplanned trip is fun to taste the feeling adventurous, but do not want to sleep outside.

Japanese site is here.

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