Mar 6, 2012

Hollander Slope and Higashiyamate - Nagasaki, Nagasaki Prefecture

About 10 minutes walk from Oura Kaigan-dori Station Nagasaki Electric Railway.

"Hollander Slope" can be counted as one of three major disappointing sights in Japan. However in actuality, a lot of cultural heritage such as Western-style buildings in the Meiji period, remains in Higashiyamate.
Walk in Higashiyamate, do not disappointing

After the opening of Japan to the world in 1859, areas of Higashiyamate, Oura, Minamiyamate and Dejima became the foreign settlement.
In Higashiyamate, Western-style buildings, cobblestone, stone steps and the ditch are still remaining after the war.

"Hollander Slope" beside Kwassui University.
Around 1860, non-Asian foreigners were called as "Hollanders". Because Japanese ever seen only Hollanders as non-Asian foreigners in Dejima.
So the slopes of the stone pavement in the foreign settlement were called "Hollander Slope".

Western-style House at No.13, Higashiyamate
Was built as rental housing around 1892. Manager of the Nagasaki branch of the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, the French acting consul and so on seems to have lived on this house.
Currently can visit for free admission, and at the cafe in the house can enjoy a cup of coffee in the Meiji period.

Western-style House at No.12, Higashiyamate
Was built in 1868 as Russian consulate. later was used as the American Consulate, residence of missionaries and so on.
Currently, this house has become "Nagasaki City Historical Museum of the Private School at the Former Foreign Settlement". Admission is free.

These stone steps was made in the Meiji period.
Stone steps way is so long.

Western-style houses in Higashiyamate
These seven houses were built as rental housing for foreigners in the mid-Meiji period.

Another "Hollander Slope"
About 5 minutes walk from Ishibashi Station Nagasaki Electric Railway. There is around here.

At first this slope was called "Hollander Slope".
It is long, so climb this slope.

Confucius Shrine
Was built by Huaqiao and the Government of the Qing Dynasty in 1893.
Is also has the National Museum of Chinese History.

The Former Nagasaki British Consulate
Was built in 1908. Currently, off limits.

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