Jan 23, 2012

The remains of Dazaifu government - Dazaifu, Fukuoka Prefecture

About 30 minutes walk from Dazaifu Station Nishitetsu.
About 15 minutes walk from Tofuromae Station Nishitetsu.
Get off at "Dazaifu Seichoato" bus stop.

Also called as "the remains of Tofuro".

Dazaifu Exhibition Hall
There is adjacent to the east of the remains of Dazaifu government, and is exhibited some of the remains.

The remains of Dazaifu government
Stone steps in front of the photo is remains of South Gate.

Remains of state chamber

The site is large. I seen many people walking around.

The remains of "Dazaifu Gakkoin"
There was a place to educate the officials working in Dazaifu government.

Just large empty lot, but there is remains in the ground.

Google Map The remains of Dazaifu government

Japanese site is here.

Feb 18, 2012 Typo corrected.

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