Jan 16, 2012

Kanzeonji Temple - Dazaifu, Fukuoka Prefecture

About 25 minutes walk from Dazaifu Station Nishitetsu.
About 10 minutes walk from Gojo Station Nishitetsu.
Get off at "Kanzeonji Mae" bus stop.

There are close to historic sites such as the remains of Dazaifu government.

Kanzeonji Temple appeared in "The Tale of Genji" (The Tale of Genji - Wikipedia) slightly. Was built beginning in the late seventh century, was completed in AD 746.
It was one of three major Kaidan (Kaidan-in - Wikipedia) in Japan, together Todaiji Temple in Nara and Yakushiji Temple in Shimotsuke (Tochigi Prefecture).

Remains of Nandaimon Gate
Building was built at the time had not lost in a disaster or fire.
Kondo and Main hall that remain today, was rebuilt in the 17th century by the Kuroda clan (Kuroda clan - Wikipedia).

The cornerstone of the five-story pagoda
Remaining corridor and other marks. Was once a large temple.

Main hall
Was rebuilt in 1688.

Temple bell
Has been designated a national treasure, and is one of the oldest in Japan. That was reportedly built with the same wooden Cast as bell of Myoshinji in Kyoto.

Buddha statues made ​​since the 9th century, surfaces of Bugaku, guardian dog statues and more have exhibited. Admission is 500 yen.
Over 5m high Buddha statues, etc. are worth seeing.

Kaidan-in Temple
By order of Kuroda clan in 1703, independent of Kanzeonji Temple, and now the temple of Rinzai sect.

Hie Shrine
Also called "Hiyoshi Shrine".
There is behind the main hall. God is guardian of Kanzeonji Temple. Hideyoshi Toyotomi has sojoumed at this shrine.

Google Map Kanzeonji Temple

Japanese site is here.

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