Dec 9, 2011

Tottori Castle - Tottori, Tottori Prefecture

About 25 minutes walk from Tottori Station JR.
About 10 minutes by bus from Tottori Station JR.

At the foot of the Castle, Jinpukaku, Tottori Prefectural Museum, there is. Within the museum can be seen living japanese giant salamander of special natural monument.

If you continue to follow the main street from Tottori Station to Prefectural office building, a short distance from Tottori Castle.

French Renaissance-style mansion was built in 1907.Important cultural properties.

Tottori Prefectural Museum
Other natural sciences and the origin of Tottori, there are exhibitions in the field of local history and folklore of history from the Stone Age to the Edo period.
In particular, the exhibition of living specimens of the world's largest japanese giant salamander is worth a look.

Jinpukaku on your right, to your left and continue watching the Prefectural Museum, before it reached the castle gate.

The restored castle gate

Some of the stone wall

View from Ninomaru

Mark quarry

Jinpukaku and Tottori Castle

Google Map Tottori Castle

Japanese site is here.

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